Visualization Technologies 12-05-17

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Readings should be completed before class, to ensure that you are prepared for in-class exercises


This class will be the final consultation sessions for your projects.


Final Project Evaluation

Original assignment:

The final project is an opportunity for you to create a visualization related to a topic that you find interesting. Ideally, it will serve as a portfolio piece that you can present to future employers. The project is very broadly defined: you will choose a topic, locate data related to that topic, and clean and present the data in a website using d3. Final projects must include at least two different views of a dataset, and may incorporate any of the graphical forms that we encounter in class (bar, line or area charts, scatterplots, maps, network diagrams, etc). Animation, annotation and interactivity that support graph function are encouraged. You will work throughout the semester to identify data, rough out concepts, and create a final visualization that presents your data in a clear and interesting form.

Has a clear focus
Is effective
Is clear
Visualization makes sense for the data shown
Is well designed
Code functions as intended


Assignments should be completed after class, and submitted to the correct GitHub repository by midnight on Monday before the next class. Late or missing assignments will negatively impact your grade.

Final project submissions

Xun Chong Stephen Costa Felippe Rodriguez Sophia Fox-Sowell
Kuan Lin George Redak Angela (Yuanhong) Shi Abigail Skelton
Ziyi Zhao Nicole Zizzi Qingyue Li Yichia Cheng
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