Visualization Technologies 09-12-17

Introductions and getting started

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Readings should be completed before class, to ensure that you are prepared for in-class exercises


In this class, we will discuss the three kinds of files used to build a website, and publish our first website using GitHub.


Final Project

Brainstorm 3 topics that you're interested in exploring for the final project; discuss in groups.


Assignments should be completed after class, and submitted to the correct GitHub repository by midnight on Monday before the next class. Late or missing assignments will negatively impact your grade.

Assignment 1 submissions

Xun Chong Stephen Costa Felippe Rodriguez John Lilly
Kuan Lin John McDonough George Redak Angela (Yuanhong) Shi
Abigail Skelton(LH) Ziyi Zhao Nicole Zizzi Qingyue Li*
Yichia Cheng(LH)

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